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French composer. He was one of the greatest composers of the Renaissance, whose reputation stands on a level with those of Du Fay, Ockeghem, Palestrina, Lassus and Byrd.

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His music spans the transition between the sound-world of the late Middle Ages and that of the High Renaissance, and served as a model for much of the 16th century.

Judocusthe name of a Breton saint active in northern France and Flanders in the 7th century; an uncommon name in recent times, it was widespread in that region during the 15th and 16th centuries. Birth, family and early training c— The evidence for the early part of his life is largely derivative or inferential, although a few definite points can be established.

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Documents connected with his inheritance of property in the town in show that his apparently childless uncle and aunt, Gilles Lebloitte dit Desprez and Jacque Banestonne, had named him their heir already inperhaps after the death of his father Gossard Lebloitte dit Desprez; the will had been witnessed by the mayor and several aldermen of Condé see Matthews and Merkley, Josquin cannot, however, have been born in Condé, for just before his death he declared himself forex milano course a foreigner aubain ; he must therefore have been born outside the lordship of Condé if not outside the Empire.

A village called Forex milano course, perhaps the origin of the family sobriquet, is located about 17 km south of this river see Clarke,but Josquin may have meant some as yet unidentified watercourse nearer to Condé see Kellman, The former hypothesis receives some support from the tantalizingly imprecise evidence of the 17th-century antiquary Claude Hémeré Tabella chronologica decanorum … ecclesiae S.

Quintini, Forex milano course,pp. He stated that Josquin had been first a choirboy at the royal collegiate church of Saint Quentin, then in charge of its music, but he gave no specific dates.

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Saint Quentin was an important centre of French royal musical patronage: Loyset Compère d and Jean Mouton dfor example, held canonries there, and both composers were buried in the church. Saint Quentin, though it lies some 70 or 80 km to the west, was the natural centre of gravity for the district south of forex milano course Eau Noire.

Finally, Josquin may himself have given a clue to his birthplace in his motet Illibata Dei virgo nutrix: the initial letters in one case a word of the verses of the prima pars spell out his name IOSQVIN Des PREZ, and a corresponding acrostic has been suspected in the secunda pars.

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The Escaut rises about 20 km north of Saint Quentin, and it has been speculated that Josquin was born in the nearby village of Beaurevoir Raugel, Recent archival discoveries have enlarged our knowledge about the Milanese singer, however, and finally proved him distinct from Josquin des Prez.

There no longer seems any reason to doubt that Josquin des Prez was born about or perhaps a few years later, that he was a close contemporary of Compère and Isaac darbas forex banko mokėjime only a few years older than Obrecht; his professional activity in the mids fits reasonably with such a date.

It is less probable that Pasquier du Pré also called Despreza member of the Burgundian court chapel from to who had no known connection to Cambrai, was meant but see Hamm, Another document seems to place him in Aix already in see Merkeley,p.

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The wars between France and Burgundy had lasted from the death of Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy in until In addition to works by composers active in Ferrara and Milan, such as Johannes Martini, Agricola, Compère and Japart, the manuscript contains French and Burgundian music, including works by Forex milano course, Hayne van Ghizeghem and Busnoys, none of whom travelled to Italy.

The polished and expressive Ave Maria … virgo serena was probably copied around into some blank pages at the end of a gathering in the Leopold codex D-Mbs Mus. Milan and elsewhere —9.

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Patrick Macey While the Josquin in Milan from is now known to have been a different man, Josquin des Prez was indeed associated with the Milanese court in the s; he may have entered Sforza service soon after his visit to Condé. On 15 May Josquin made a supplication to the papal curia for the rectorship of the church of Saint Aubin in the diocese of Bourges, some 12 km south of Issoudun, asking for dispensation to hold the benefice without being ordained a priest see Matthews, Soon thereafter, on 20 Junehe is named in another supplication as a chaplain and member of the household of Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, who had been elevated to the cardinalate in March and was residing for the time in Milan.

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He may have travelled to Paris: another Vatican document dated February indicates that Josquin and others had been involved in litigation before the Parlement of Paris with regard to the benefice in Saint Aubain see Sherr, By this time — and probably earlier — Josquin had returned to Milan, where in January and February he witnessed documents resigning the rectorship of Saint Aubin.

According to this hypothesis, he would have spent the years from to with Ascanio, who was banished from Milan for plotting against his brother Ludovico, fleeing first to Ferrara and then to Naples see Lowinsky, Other evidence points to a renewed or continued association between Josquin and Ascanio Sforza in the late s see below.

A further speculation places Josquin in Hungary in the mids. Italian singers and instrumentalists had been imported to the brilliant court in Budapest in the s, and a papal envoy reported in that its chapel was as accomplished as any he knew. The motet-cycle Vultum tuum deprecabuntur, in particular, seems to be a set of motetti missales see Osthoff, —5; Macey, — motets that substitute for individual sections of the Mass. The papal chapel — Patrick Macey Josquin joined the papal chapel in Junenot long after his last appearance in Milanese documents.

He may have gone to Rome as part of an exchange of singers between Ludovico Sforza and Pope Innocent VIII involving Gaspar van Weerbeke, who had served the Sforza court from until and then moved to the papal chapel inremaining there until mid-Aprilwhen he returned to Milan.

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A newly recovered document shows that in August or September Josquin paid a return visit to Cambrai, where he received a gift of wine from forex milano course chapter of Saint Géry See Fallows, Josquin, How long Josquin remained in the chapel is unknown, since the accounts from to are lost; when they resume, Josquin is no longer listed.

Like his colleagues, Josquin took advantage of his tenure at the papal chapel to pursue benefices. He laid claim to a canonry at Notre Dame, Saint Omer, and forex milano course parish in the gift of the Benedictine monastery at Saint Ghislainto the parish church of Basse-Yttre and two parishes near Frasnes in Hainautas well as to a canonry at St Géry, Cambraiwhere he had served as a choirboy in the s see Noble, ; Sherr, Although there is no evidence that Josquin ever obtained possession of these benefices, they do reveal a pattern of intent, since all fell within Burgundian—Imperial territory and all were within his home diocese of Cambrai except for Saint Omer, in the diocese of Thérouanne.

Josquin, as a cleric of the diocese of Cambrai, apparently demonstrated his allegiance by seeking benefices in Burgundian rather than French lands; in this context his previously mentioned negotiations over a benefice in the French diocese of Bourges in the late s, and his rectorate at Saint Aubin, may be viewed as anomalies.

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For the papal chapel Josquin composed the tract for Ash Wednesday, Domine, non secundum, also set in polyphony by other papal composers including Marbriano de Orto and Bertrand Vaqueras see Sherr, ; all three settings are found in the earliest choirbook copied in the papal chapel I-Rvat C.

Others have argued that Josquin composed Illibata beforeciting stylistic, textural, and structural similarities with motets of Busnoys and Regis see Brothers, and Fallows, Josquin, France and Italy — Based on recently recovered documentation for his visit to Cambrai in late summerit has been forex milano course that he spent the years —8 in Cambrai Fallows, Josquin, Further recent documentary discoveries indicate that Josquin held a canonry at the collegiate church of Saint Quentin, and that he exchanged this canonry in for the provostship at Condé.

Not long afterwards, in forex milano course letter of DecemberJohannes Vivaysius, a singer of the Duke of Ferrara, sent an unspecified composition by Josquin to Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua see Gallico, Although there is no implication that Josquin was present, the letter indicates the availability of his music in Ferrara and Mantua in the late s.

The s were particularly turbulent years for Italy, beginning in November when King Charles VIII of France led his army down the peninsula, halting briefly at Florence forex milano course Rome before moving on to occupy Naples in early Recently recovered documents show that Josquin was in France during this period, as attested by two visits to Troyes, southeast of Paris, in December and again in August see Wegman, The composer, so the story goes, had been promised a benefice by the king, who had failed to keep his word.

The work is said to have produced the desired effect, for members of the court applauded it and the king was shamed into fulfilling his promise.

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Other works by Josquin that seem to have been destined for the French royal court are the fanfare-like Vive le roy and In exitu Israel, a setting of Psalm cxiii that paraphrases the tonus peregrinus and concludes with the antiphon for Sunday Vespers; in this it resembles settings of this psalm by Jean Mouton and Claudin de Sermisy, members of the French royal chapel see Macey, Some have argued that this singer was not Josquin des Prez, however.

Others have argued that the singer in Blois in was in fact Josquin des Prez. In the autumn of Ercole travelled to Milan to confer with Louis, who had vanquished the forces of Ludovico Sforza. This meeting presented an opportunity for Ercole and his agents neptūno namų darbas recruit new singers for his chapel; he was particularly anxious to hire a new maestro di cappella to replace Johannes Martini, who had died in Some months later, on 14 AugustCoglia was back in Ferrara and wrote to recommend Josquin to Ercole, who was still in Milan: My Lord, I believe that there is neither lord nor king who will now have a better chapel than yours if Your Lordship sends for Josquin … and by having Josquin in our chapel I want to place a forex milano course upon this chapel of ours.

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It is true that Josquin composes better, but he composes when he wants to and not when one wants him to, and he is asking ducats in salary while Isaac will come for — but Your Lordship will decide. The salary of ducats counts as the highest ever paid to a member of the ducal chapel see LockwoodMRF. Ferrara —4. Patrick Macey Josquin served as maestro di cappella in Ferrara for almost exactly a year from late April to mid-April Perhaps it was the plague that prompted Josquin to depart in April His place forex milano course filled in September by Jacob Obrecht, who accepted a salary of ducats, half the amount paid to Josquin.

Ercole died on 25 Januaryand the unfortunate Obrecht, who had been dismissed by the new duke, Alfonso, succumbed to the plague in Ferrara in July of the same year. Other motets that probably date from this period are Virgo salutiferi, set to a poem by the Ferrarese court poet Ercole Strozzi, and perhaps the six-part O virgo prudentissima, on a poem by Poliziano see Brown, In the early 16th century Notre Dame, Condé, was ranked very highly for the quality of its music among the churches of Hainaut, surpassed only by St Vincent, Soignies, and, just to the south of Hainaut, by Cambrai Cathedral; the availability of a good choir at Condé forex milano course doubt made it an attractive place for Josquin to settle for his last and longest sojourn.