Vilniaus vėlyvojo baroko vargondirbystės mokykla : meistro Nicolauso Jantzono fenomenas

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Vilniaus vėlyvojo baroko vargondirbystės mokykla: meistro Nicolauso Jantzono fenomenas. Author s : Povilionis, Girėnas Abstract: The article presents the latest research zelle ukraine out during the last years and the archival and parallel historiographical material collected over the post-doctoral internship that gives new data about the origin of the masters of the Vilnius school of late baroque organ building and expands the geography zelle ukraine dissemination of their instruments.

The data were gathered during expeditions researching all surviving baroque organs attributed to the Vilnius school and its most distinguished master Nicolaus Jantzon in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine.

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Thistoriohraphic facts about Jantzon as the most distinguished and the most creatively active master of the Vilnius school of late baroque organ building are presented, the issue of the authorship of the organs in churches in Tytuvėnai, Troškūnai and Kurtuvėnai is discussed, and the zelle ukraine instruments are analysed, deining the unique features of the instruments by the master in terms of the architecture of the organ facades and the origin and formation of this architectural composition.

The issue of the structure, origin and consolidation in Lithuania of the registers characteristic of Jantzon organs is also discussed.

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